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Councillor Kelly Hosts Mayor Sutcliffe for Tour and Meetings in Ward 5

September 10, 2023

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe toured Ward 5 with Councillor Clarke Kelly on Sunday afternoon, holding productive meetings with local residents and hearing about some of the current issues in West Carleton-March.

"I would like to thank everyone who took time out of their Sunday to come and have a conversation with Mayor Sutcliffe and me. We discussed with residents how we can best address some of the issues we face as a rural community in the city of Ottawa," Kelly said. "We were joined by members of community associations, local businesses owners, agricultural operations and farmers and other local stakeholders and advocates.

"We discussed emergency response times, road maintenance, ditches and drainage, rural transportation, maintaining the rural nature of our ward, and finding efficiencies so we can deliver core services more effectively in rural communities like ours.

"I am grateful for the time the mayor took to hear directly from West Carleton residents."

Sept 10, 2023: Mayor Sutcliffe and Councillor Kelly (far right) listen to concerns from West Carleton-March residents at the Agricultural Hall in Carp

As part of the mayor's time in West Carleton today there was also a session dedicated to agriculture and how to make things easier to better support local farmers and agricultural operations in Ward 5.

"I would like the thank Shaun and Lorraine, owners of KIN Vineyards for hosting us today," Kelly said. "I'd also like to thank everyone who came out to provide feedback and ideas on how we can do better as a City at supporting this vital industry," Kelly said.

Sept 10, 2023: Mayor Sutcliffe and West Carleton-March Councillor Kelly made a stop at the KIN Vineyards, hosted by owners Lorraine Mastersmith and Shaun McEwan

Sept 10, 2023: Sutcliffe and Kelly field questions from residents at KIN Vineyards just outside Carp.

Councillor Kelly also took time with Mayor Sutcliffe to highlight some of the areas affected by flooding in recent years, including this past spring.

"I would like to thank Doug Drain who spent some time with us to explain his experience during these floods as a core volunteer and coordinator in the Dunrobin Shores community, along with ways that we can mitigate flooding for our residents in the future," Kelly said.

"I would also like to thank our new MPP, Karen McCrimmon, for joining in some of the conversations today as we will certainly have to work with the province when it comes to this, along with some of the other issues we discussed today."

Sept 10, 2023: (Left to right) MPP Karen McCrimmon, Doug Drain, Mayor Mark Sutcliffe and Councillor Clarke Kelly discuss long term solutions for flood mitigation at Dunrobin Shores.


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1 Comment

Sep 22, 2023

Please remember that the City of Ottawa extends to the border with Renfrew County/Arnprior and rural taxpayers deserve services such as traffic patrolling and ditch maintenance, which apparently are not high on the City's list of priorities.

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