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State of Ottawa’s Health 2023 Report and New Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Monitoring the health status of the growing population in Ottawa provides valuable information to OPH, community members and our partners. Population-level data allows us to see where we were and where we are heading, and to set priorities for improvement, drawing on the strengths in our community to promote and protect people's health in Ottawa.  

The Report serves as a valuable resource for OPH and community partners to help plan or enhance programs and services, identify strategic priorities, identify gaps and monitor changes in the health of people living in Ottawa.  

In this year’s Report, emergent themes identified included health impacts on those with less advantage, impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and substance use health, injury as leading cause of emergency room visits, and infectious disease.


This report will help to guide the Ottawa Board of Health's strategic priorities, provide evidence for current public health funding and accountability agreements, and inform programming and services for OPH and our community partners.  

Equity, Prevention and Impact: Ottawa Public Health’s 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

The Ottawa Public Health 2023-2027 Strategic Plan continues work advanced during the pandemic. This includes prioritizing the needs of Ottawa’s diverse communities, eliminating barriers to achieving health and wellbeing, and recognizing the importance of building genuine and lasting relationships with partners and residents to shape relevant and effective approaches.

The Strategy demonstrates Ottawa Public Health’s commitment to equity, prevention, and impact to guide its efforts in achieving the Strategic Goals.

It also provides a framework to collaboratively examine and influence the systemic barriers to health and wellbeing in Ottawa and addresses key public health challenges. It builds on the previous Strategic Plan, with a focus on renewing our vision, mission, commitments, and goals in response to current and emerging public health challenges and evidence.

A variety of inputs were gathered and analyzed to support the strategic planning process, including consultations with staff, community members, and partners, as well as a review of Ottawa’s latest heath status report and other literature.

Here's the June 19th Board of Health meeting (recorded). The full Board of Heath meeting agenda is available at



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