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City to Host First Rural Summit Since 2008

Updated: Feb 22

The City of Ottawa is holding a rural summit in 2024, the first of its kind in 16 years.

The motion came from Councillor Kelly, whose West Carleton-March Ward is the City’s largest.

"I was happy to join CTV Morning Live today with Councillor Brown to discuss the First Rural Summit since 2008," Councillor Kelly said. "I'm pleased to see that local media have shown an interest in this important initiative for our rural residents. I look forward to working alongside my rural colleagues as well as residents of West Carleton-March to inform these important discussions and improve services for rural wards in the City of Ottawa.

"If you have any feedback, ideas, examples or anything to add to the conversation please reach out to my office at I look forward to hearing from you!”

Councillor Kelly, right, checks in with constituent Clem Smith at Smith's Kinburn Road farm. PHOTO BY JULIE OLIVER/Postmedia



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