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Councillor Kelly's Statement on October 5th OSTA Update

First of all, I am happy to say that yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Joanne MacEwan, President of OSTA, with an apology for how I and others were treated during a meeting between their former GM and Ottawa City Councillors. This was very much appreciated, and I think another sign that their approach has become more collaborative, positive, and solution-oriented over the course of the last week.

Yesterday’s update highlighted the new urgency with which OSTA is operating, a new approach to communication with the public, discussions of financial assistance for effected families, and formation of a Parent and Community Subcommittee to address the shortage of school bus drivers. I am also happy to see that Cindy Owens has been named as the new Operations Manager of OSTA. Cindy brings many years of experience in education and I look forward to seeing the progress she can make on this extremely important and pressing issue.

None of these things on their own will be a quick fix for this situation, but it's certainly a positive step in the right direction. And for the first time in many weeks, I think there is some hope for families that have been affected.


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