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Councillor Kelly's Update on Future of Property at 4086 Dunrobin Road

Councillor Kelly's statement today (Feb 28, 2024) on the demolition of the building at 4086 Dunrobin Road.

Much like many residents of Constance Bay on their way to work this morning, I drove past 4086 Dunrobin Road as it was being demolished. I have seen quite a few comments about it, and here is what we can advise right now.

A demolition permit was issued yesterday by the City of Ottawa. The property is privately-owned and the City has not purchased any portion of that property. There are currently no permit applications for any additional work beyond demolition.

A roundabout is currently being considered/studied but it has not been selected as the preferred option for the intersection of Dunrobin Road and Constance Bay Rd. Even if this is selected as the preferred option, we are likely years away from construction beginning. And before concurring on such a project, I would want to consult with residents from the area to ensure that it's what the community wants or needs here.

I have also seen much speculation on what may eventually be built on this property. You can see below what the property is zoned for.

A file image from Google of the property at 4086 Dunrobin Road



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