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Help Us Improve our Communications With You in Five Easy Steps

Our Ward 5 office has a number of free and easy ways to keep our lines of communication open with you. We invite to you to click on any of the links below to help us better serve you.

1. Our new website is now live at We invite you to bookmark the site or share a link with your neighbours. It allows residents to stay right up to date on community and city news, local events, with links to important West Carleton-March information and resources.

2. Follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook and Instgram.

3. Subscribe to this newsletter and receive it in your email inbox the second it's published.

4. Got a question or a Ward or City issue you'd like help with? Email us anytime at

5. Call us at 613-580-2475 or send a fax to: 613-580-2515.


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09 июн. 2023 г.

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