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June 7th Road Resurfacing Update in Carp and Corkery

Here's your Friday update on local Road Rehabilitation

Carp Road

  • Concrete is completed between Donald B Munro and Falldown Ln (business frontage). Diefunbunker down to about Juanita and continuing south is still ongoing (expected to be completed by mid-week next week)

  • Parking restrictions are up on the west side of Carp now. Starting Friday June 14th we will begin the asphalt removal milling process. Parking will be removed on both sides between June 14th and June 21st during this process (during weekday daytime hours only, parking remains evenings and weekends). I sent an individual email to both Alice’s and Carp Creamery for this (attached for reference).

  • Church stairs to be completed early next week and then our sidewalk in front (coordinated with the church) prior to milling

  • June 14th the milling asphalt process begins

  • Week of June 17th-21st will be top lift asphalt.

  • We will gradually reopen the parking (specifically between Donald B Munro and Falldown Ln ASAP)



  • Top lift asphalt complete. Driveways and shouldering ongoing.


March Road

  • PVMS on site

  • Milling to begin Monday June 10th followed by base paving later in the week.

  • Overall work is expected to be 3-4 weeks

A quick update of the road work in Corkery

• Asphalt milling was completed this week

• Granular was placed followed by base course asphalt

• Some soft spots were encountered and are in process of being repaired, rebuilding the roadway base. We did cap some of the area with asphalt on Wednesday to avoid exasperating the problem in the rain Thursday/Friday, so will cut to remove early next week to finish our repair.

• Top course asphalt will follow next week followed by shouldering, driveways and mailbox resets



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