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May 12th Flooding Update: Water Level Still High But Receding; Water Testing

If flood water has affected your property, you're encouraged to have your well water tested.

April 24: Flooding scenes in Dunrobin along Armitage Avenue

May 10th, 2023: Friday Food update: Water continues to recede but please keep your sandbag walls up for the time being. We continue to urge people to test their water and testing kits are available here: Free Well Water Testing - Ottawa Public Health.

Please note that the Constance Bay community centre will be open from 9-5 Saturday (May 13) for people who would like to use shower or pick up bottled water.

Septic Systems

If your septic system is affected, please contact 3-1-1 to report your location so that the City can implement appropriate additional response measures and provide you with information on supports available.

Ottawa Public Health recommends that you do not use the septic system (e.g., no flushing toilets or draining water from sinks, bathtubs, showers or dishwashers) until the water level around the house is lower than the in the septic drainage field and enough time has been given for the soil to adequately drain. The soil requires additional time to drain in order to allow sewage to be absorbed. This may take several weeks after flood waters recede depending on the length of time the system was under water and the soil conditions.

For more information on Septic Systems and Private Wells during and after flooding, please visit Ottawa Public Health’s online resources.



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