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May 2nd Update from City's Emergency and Protective Services Department

As expected, water levels have risen at all locations along the main stem of the Ottawa River. There has been a significant amount of precipitation over much of the basin, with continued rain in the forecast until Wednesday.

The impacts to the city of Ottawa, however, are still relatively small.

While current water levels have surpassed the peaks observed between April 21-23 and are expected to increase a further 25-35 cm (depending on location), they are forecast to remain below historical flood levels.

As well, the Ottawa River Regulating Committee estimates that water levels are expected to remain 45-100 cm below what we saw in 2019 along the main stem of the Ottawa River.

The City continues to monitor conditions very closely. At this time, we have observed minor impacts to roads and some parks, but nothing impacting critical infrastructure related to flood waters. We are encouraging residents, however, to report any issues to 3-1-1.

We estimate that approximately 130 private properties have implemented flood mitigation measures (e.g., sandbags), the majority of which are in West Carleton.

While there has not been a significant increase in demand for sand and empty sandbags recently, the City continues to make these resources available to residents at multiple locations. Public Works Department staff are also filling some additional sandbags this week, so that a small amount of filled sandbags can continue to be available to residents in flood-prone neighbourhoods.

We anticipate conditions to stabilize somewhat after this weekend. The Emergency Operations Centre is working on plans to continue to support residents for the next phase of the flood season.

Thanks so much for your continued support.

Best regards,

Beth Gooding (she/her/elle)

Director | Directrice

Public Safety Service | Service de sécurité publique

Emergency and Protective Services | Services d'urgence et de protection



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