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MVCA Update on Water levels in the Constance Bay area

April 20, 2023 — From the MVCA website: This FLOOD WARNING statement is an update to the Flood Warning issued for areas along the Lower Ottawa River (Arnprior to Hawkesbury) on April 17th, 2023.

Water levels are expected to continue rising within the Ottawa River Basin due to snowmelt, combined with forecasted rainfall starting Friday and continuing over the weekend.

The Ottawa River Regulating Committee anticipates that water levels along the main stem will continue increasing over the next few days before stabilizing near the major flood level, impacting several streets, lawns and houses in low-lying areas. Flood levels are expected to remain well below historic high flood levels.

Impacted locations include flood-prone areas at Chats Lake, Constance Bay area, Britannia / Lac Deschênes, Cumberland, City of Clarence-Rockland, Township of Alfred Plantagenet, and other vulnerable areas down to Montreal.

MVCA areas of concern:

  • Water levels in the Constance Bay area are expected to rise by about 0.15 m above the current elevation* within the next day and remain high over the next four to five days.

Read more at the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority website



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