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Roadwork Update Carp Road and Diamondview

Carp Road

  • Concrete removals, formwork and granular ongoing on the east side of Carp between Donald B Munro and Juanita. Not all but most of these sections have been poured.

  • Most of the frontage of the Carp Fairgrounds concrete is poured and able to be walked on in anticipation of this weekend.

  • Pulverization and milling is mostly completed from Diefunbunker entrance to Thomas Dolan. Dust control measure have been implemented in this area. The Paving of this section is scheduled to start late next week.

  • St. James the Apostle Church has confirmed they will be replacing their stairs. We are still waiting hear back regarding their schedule for this and have skipped this section in the meantime. The accessible access to the church had been reinstated.

  • The residents at 3797 Carp have been contacted regarding their trees and are in-line with our proposed plan.



  • Pulverization was completed this week and final grading is ongoing.

  • Dust control measure have been implemented on this road.

  • Paving should be starting early next week.

The sidewalk at the fairgrounds has been reopened from St-Paul’s United Church to the fairground entrance and continuing up to midway to the arena entrance.



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