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Special Air Quality Statement in effect due to wildfire smoke

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Special Air Quality Statement in effect due to wildfire smoke A Special Air Quality Statement has been jointly issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks because of high levels of air pollution due to wildfire smoke migrating into the City of Ottawa.

To help mitigate exposure to air pollution, employees working outdoors are encouraged to:

  • Slow down the pace of work and reduce physical exertion

  • Drink a glass of water at least every 15 to 20 minutes even when not feeling thirsty

  • Remain cautious when operating a vehicle as visibility is reduced

  • Keep the windows in your vehicle closed and set your ventilation system to recirculate

  • Check in with your supervisor if you are not feeling well

Residents are encouraged to pay attention to local air quality reports since air quality may be poor even though you may not be able to see smoke. Information is available from the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario and on the Ottawa Public Health website.

Due to the poor air quality right now, we've set up a page with ongoing updates including: - impacts to City services - status of recreational outdoor programs - advice to protect yourself from air pollution. Visit: and check back often for updates.



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