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Updates on Barrhaven Tornado and Impacts to City Services

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

From Beth Gooding Director | Public Safety Service | Emergency and Protective Services

There were 125 properties damaged this afternoon in Barrhaven, with varying degrees of severity:

  • Area 1: Umbra Place / Watercolours Way – 50 houses

  • Area 2: Perseus Way / Proxima Terrace – 35 houses

  • Area 3: Jockvale Road / Exeter Drive – 30-40 houses

The Minto Recreation Complex at 3500 Cambrian Road will be open until 11:00 pm tonight to assist impacted residents.

We want to ensure that residents continue to have access to supports and information. As such, the Minto Complex will re-open tomorrow, as a Community Support Centre, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The City will have representatives present once again from Building Code Services, Ottawa Fire Services, and Emergency Social Services/Canadian Red Cross.

Hydro Ottawa has restored power to the impacted areas in Barrhaven. They continue to assess the areas though for any secondary damage.

There are no reported impacts to City infrastructure. Public Works Department have prioritized debris removal today related to public safety (e.g., branches or tree limbs that are blocking roads). They are finalizing a debris removal plan for the remainder of the City’s clean-up work in Barrhaven. Staff are also working on messaging to residents for tomorrow, to support resident clean-up efforts.

The impacted areas in Barrhaven continue to experience some traffic impacts, including detours. Residents who are outside the Barrhaven area should avoid travel to this part of the City, where possible.

This evening, Ottawa Fire Services will conduct patrols of the impacted areas.

This will be the last Emergency Operations Centre update today. Thank you to everyone for their support and quick mobilization.

Update #1

At least one tornado touched down in Ottawa earlier this afternoon. The main impacts are around the Half Moon Bay area in Barrhaven. Emergency services were immediately deployed to site. Early information indicates that about 50 houses were damaged. At this time, thankfully, only one minor injury is being reported. Of note, this area is residential in nature (with houses that are both under construction and occupied). Ottawa Fire Services have been going door-by-door, to assess every house.

A support centre has been stood up at the Minto Recreation Complex (3500 Cambrian Road). Residents are encouraged to visit the Minto Complex if they need assistance and/or information. As always, 3-1-1 can be contacted for information as well.

The City has escalated to an Enhanced Operations posture and has mobilized the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Please also note that our Council Liaison function has been activated. Please direct your queries to:

Hydro Ottawa are reporting some power outages in the Barrhaven area. The City’s EOC is liaising with Hydro Ottawa but we do not have a strong estimate for when power may be restored. Please also note that as Ottawa Fire Services conducts their wellness visits, they may have to shut off gas to individual houses, based on their safety assessments.

A wide range of City services are currently mobilized, including to assist with barricades and traffic control in the implicated area. We are also continuing to assess damage that may have occurred elsewhere.

We will continue to keep you informed. In the meantime, please visit Extreme weather | City of Ottawa, as well as follow both the City of Ottawa, and the Ottawa Police Service’s social media accounts.



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