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Committee Approves Zoning for New Housing at Carp Airport

Published on November 1, 2023 Council, committees and City Hall Planning, development and construction Water and environment

The City’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved a zoning amendment today that would facilitate new low-rise residential development on a portion of the Carp Airport property.

Existing zoning already permits residential uses on the western half of the property, and the applicant has revised the planned subdivision on those lands. Properties that had been intended for large private aircraft hangars would instead be developed with107 dwellings, including 30 townhouses and 77 detached homes.

The amendment would bring into zoning compliance the revised draft approved plan of subdivision, which promises new housing options south of the Village of Carp.

The City’s Huntley works yard could soon see a new salt storage facility at 2121 Huntley Road after the Committee approved an engineer’s report confirming the existing municipal drain has the capacity to accept additional water from the proposed facility. The new facility would improve winter maintenance in the nearby rural areas, where ongoing development has led to increasing service requirements from the City.

If Council approves, the land-use permissions that Committee recommended today will help put applicants in a position to build 107 new dwellings in Ottawa. To help address the housing challenge, Council committed to providing home builders enough opportunities to build 151,000 quality market homes by 2031. Visit for a graphic showing quarterly progress towards Ottawa’s housing pledge targets.

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, November 8.



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