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Councillor Kelly Addresses Misleading Statement from Owner of West Carleton Kids Corner

Good afternoon, everyone.

I would like to address a misleading statement that was released earlier today by the owner of the West Carleton Kids Corner (WCKC). The WCKC operates in the West Carleton Community Complex where my ward office is, and where I work on a daily basis with the ward 5 team.

We make every effort to exist in harmony with all the occupants of the building, which is always easy with the exception of one tenant, (the WCKC). While it is often a challenge trying to balance the needs of an office building and childcare center, today marked the beginning of their summer camp.

Despite many efforts to try and address concerns that were raised in previous years in advance of the camp season, it was evident today that all of our efforts and communications from the City, asking the camp to respect the office environment that they coexist in were ignored.

We are all parents in my office, and we love having the kids around. Up until today, my daughter was on the waiting list to attend the WCKC. I looked forward to having her attend the daycare here.

I would like to address some of the blatant lies and misrepresentations sent out today from the owner, Karen Bolton.

• I did not at any time enter the chambers where the camp was doing crafts.

• I did not yell at staff or threaten that the camp has to go

• I did not use vulgar language or names toward staff or children

• I did not try to cause an escalated confrontation. I initially was simply asking for cooperation when I firmly (but without the use of profanities) approached

staff outside (more details below)

• Children were not, and did not need to be, “moved out of ear shot” as they were not present during the only altercation experienced, which happened after my efforts to address the situation with staff outside.

In terms of full transparency, like many situations there are two sides to the story and context is very important in this matter as this has been an ongoing issue.

This is what actually happened today:

• I was in the middle of a City of Ottawa Planning and Housing Committee meeting.

• During the meeting, there were children banging on the window of my office four feet from me, bouncing basketballs, hitting metal poles with lacrosse

sticks, screaming, all of which made it impossible to do the job I was elected to do on your behalf.

• I left the meeting briefly to politely ask the daycare staff if they could please move the toys from close to my window so that the kids wouldn’t be gathered in this particular area any longer as it was interrupting my meeting. I came back inside.

To be clear, there were no profanities used in this exchange. My request was met with a rude an unhelpful response. At this point, I decided to take it upon myself to go up and speak with the owner of the daycare. I acknowledge that I did use profanities during this exchange, which I regret doing. To be clear, there were no children present during this exchange.

I should have taken time to collect myself before going to speak with the owner. My failure to do so does not excuse my use of profanities when speaking with her.

That said, what she sent out is not only misleading, but a gross misrepresentation of today’s events. Beyond that, it is unfair and an unfounded assault on my character. To that end, I have already notified my lawyer who will be addressing the libelous statement made my Ms. Boulton.

As the father of a young girl, I would be horrified to receive this kind of a message, and I am sorry that you had to read her email. Please understand that much of this is not true and that my staff and I have been trying to work patiently through proper channels at the City to address the many issues in this building caused by the daycare management.

If you have any further questions or concerns, I would welcome the opportunity to address them. Please reach out to me at 613.580.2475 or at

Best regards,

Clarke Kelly

Councillor | Ward 5

City of Ottawa


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4 commentaires

2 days ago

This is disgusting to threaten bringing a business owner in the ward you represent with legal action. It is clear you have no respect for her as you cannot even give her the dignity to spell her last name correct. You should understand the full consequences of doing meetings via an Internet platform rather than in person.


3 days ago

Three things stood out here:

  1. My daughter was on the waiting list until now.

  2. My failure to do so does not excuse my use of profanities when speaking with her.

  3. I have already notified my lawyer.

What a shame.


04 juil.

This attempt at spin is laughable at best and suggests that Mr. Kelly is in full damage control mode. Kids are loud, and putting your office next to a daycare is a recipe for disaster. Mr. Kelly's behaviour was/is clearly unacceptable and this sorry attempt at spinning the situation is laughable. Further, suggesting that his lawyer will begin litigation for libel demonstrates how out of touch this guy really is.


03 juil.

You need help, but first move your office elsewhere. A daycare will be, well, a daycare.

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