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Councillor Kelly at Carp Village BIA Annual General Meeting

Statement from Councillor Kelly:

It was a pleasure to attend and take part in the Carp Village BIA Annual General Meeting today (January 25, 2024) and hear about the great work that has been done over the last year. That includes the Harvest Supper, which was an amazing way to bring the community together, celebrate our agricultural roots, and raise money for the West Carleton Food Access Centre.

Some other notable projects include repainting the Carp Memorial Hall as well as the addition of a beautiful mural on the Memorial Hall. Also outlined were their plans for the coming year to beautify the village with some new custom signage and an expansion of the BIA territory to include more of Carp’s great business.

The Village of Carp continues to be vital to the identity of our community and we appreciate the great work done by the Carp Village BIA that helps make it such a great place.



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