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Councillor Kelly's Statement After Group That Promotes Hate Holds Meeting in Carp

July 6, 2024

It has come to my attention that a group that promotes hateful and racist rhetoric hosted an event in Carp this evening. I would like to make it abundantly clear that there is no place for such behaviour in West Carleton-March and I strongly condemn the presence of such a group in our community.

This venue is managed by the Carp Agricultural Society who were unaware of the intent of the booking. You can see their statement on the issue here:

Ottawa Police are monitoring the event and situation.


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5 days ago

You should watch a few of his streams, you know nothing of diagolon; it promotes the well being of native Canadians and points out literal treasonous actions by the uniparty. One of hundreds of examples: Canadian government through taxation theft pays $10k to $15k of the salery of a 'newcomer'; basically to NOT hire Canadians companies are paid $15k, using stolen funds from the very people being excluded(and I personally know those who have been). The accusations are backed up by government program announcements/ references. The thousands of violent offenses that would not have happened without the mass-replacement immigration, 'following the money' to see who's behind those and other programs that harm fertility rates of natives then saying 'we ne…

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