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Councillor Kelly Speaks in Support of Our Community's Rural Firefighters

Today at the Emergency Preparedness and Protective Services Committee meeting, Councillor Kelly spoke in support of giving rural firefighters employment status with the City of Ottawa.

"Rural firefighters respond to many different types of emergencies and are extremely active in various community events and initiatives," Kelly said. "They are vital to life in rural wards including West Carleton-March and we are all grateful for their service. Today’s changes send the signal that we care about them and appreciate what they do.

"Thank you to Ward 5 firefighters, Chris Burke and Fred Carmosino, for appearing at committee today (Feb 15) to explain what these changes will mean for our rural fire service and for the great work you have done to get us here."

Ottawa, Feb 15: Left to right, Denis Charbonneau, Fred Carmosino, Ward 5 Councillor Clarke Kelly, and Chris Burke.



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