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Extreme Heat and Humidity: Places to Cool Off in Ottawa

Heat-related illnesses and deaths are preventable. There are many public places residents and visitors can cool off in Ottawa and also way to cool off at home even if you do not have air conditioning.

To locate a cool space near you, click and zoom to explore this map or enter a street name or a street address. Entering a location in the search box will generate a list of the 20 closest cool spaces. Clicking on any of the icons on the map will provide more information about the cool spaces around the clicked location. The map identifies City of Ottawa public spaces that are available.

Please check the City of Ottawa's website for opening dates, locations, and hours of service of on for the following public facilities:

  • Splash pads

  • Wading pools

  • Beaches, outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

  • Parks and green spaces

  • Ottawa Public Library current branch services

  • Community centres


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6 hours ago

HVAC Contractors aid in combating extreme heat and humidity in Ottawa by ensuring efficient air conditioning systems. Residents can find relief at various indoor locations such as malls, libraries, and community centers equipped with cooling facilities. These spaces offer respite from the sweltering weather, providing comfort and safety during heatwaves.

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