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Local Children Make 200 Handmade Christmas Cards for West Carleton Seniors

This year the Ward 5 office collaborated with our local elementary schools to make over 200 hand made Christmas cards for seniors living in West Carleton-March. The cards were made by students from Stonecrest Elementary School, Saint Michael’s Corkery, Saint Michael’s Fitzroy, and Huntley Centennial.

"Yesterday, my team and I dropped in to each of the schools to pick up the cards and drop off some candy canes for all the kids who took the time to make the cards," Councillor Kelly said. "Today we are dropping some off at various locations around the ward. It was amazing to see the efforts made by the schools and the students to bring joy to others during the holiday season.

"I was even back in the Principal's office (image below) at my old school, St. Mike's Fitzroy. It's possible I may have had to make a few visits to this room when I was a kid.

"My 8-year-old self can assure you, I was framed...definitely."

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