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Spring Flooding Update: List of Ward 5 Road Closures; "Levels Continue to Decline...Slowly"

Water levels remain high but stable today (Monday). Volunteers are still needed to fill sandbags and help maintain walls. To volunteer, visit

According to the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board's latest forecast (, levels and flows continue to decline slowly in all locations along the main stem of the Ottawa River. With the forecast of sunny weather and little precipitation, levels are expected to continue declining over the coming week.

Due to current flooding, the following Ward 5 roads are closed:


Allbirch closed between Baillie and dead-end [Ward 5]

Armitage closed between Greenland and dead-end [Ward 5]

Baldwin closed between Macrostie and Len Purcell [Ward 5]

Bayview closed between Bishop Davis (west intersection) and Len Purcell (east intersection) [Ward 5]

Bishop Davis closed between Allbirch and Bayview (west intersection) [Ward 5]

Doris Currie closed between Bayview and Fireside [Ward 5]

Fireside closed between Doris Currie and Len Purcell [Ward 5]

Lighthouse closed between Loggers and dead-end [Ward 5]

Macrostie closed between Baldwin and Bayview [Ward 5]

Moorhead closed between Willola Beach and dead-end [Ward 5]

Whistler closed between Len Purcell and Spinnaker [Ward 5]



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